Last Friday Lunch

Here at Peats, we work hard each day to keep our distribution and trade services running effectively & efficiently for our valued customers.
Over the last number of years, the challenges of life have exploded bringing with it an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression impacting some on a daily basis with little time given to try and look after ourselves.
As much as the service we offer to our customers is at the core of our values, so too is our staff's health and mental well-being. We often work through our breaks and lunches to ensure you get the service you deserve taking little time to simply stop, eat and maybe talk to our fellow workers.
Therefore, on the last Friday of every month from 1 pm to 2 pm Peats will make time for our staff (and any customers wanting to join)  for a shared company lunch. During this time we will close our trade counter and set our phones to take messages allowing our staff to stop, eat and chat. We will return any calls or emails we missed when we reopen @ 2 pm.
We hope that you, our valued customer, will understand and appreciate our reasons for doing this and I’d like to reassure you of our ongoing commitment to looking after you and our staff's needs during these times of change.

All the best

Geoffrey Peat