Outdoor dining has become part of our vernacular since living with Covid-19 has been a reality. Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues have adapted their available outdoor spaces to accommodate serving food and drinks outside.

As customers we are now drawn to spaces that can deliver a safe and comfortable area to enjoy a meal and socialise with family and friends.

At Peats we want to contribute to that enjoyment by providing the products that will help create great additional spaces for bars and restaurants to entertain their clientele.


Speakers that are IP rated to perform outside particularly in a wet climate are critical to providing the right ambience and atmosphere for the venue and its customers.

At Peats we have a great range of outdoor speakers from brands such as Yamaha, Bose, and Adastra. We also have a full selection of Portable options available from brands such as QTX, Bose, Apart featuring Bluetooth Streaming Audio capabilities.

Check out our outdoor speaker range here.


We have a complete range of compact mixer amplifiers with full network control on Yamaha models and plenty of input features from Bluetooth , Phono , Microphone and Tuner.

Play your favourite Spotify playlist or Airplay any of your iTunes to your outdoor dining area. Full App control also available to ensure ease of control from your smart phone.

We also have Network Pre -amps available so why not update your old/existing amplifier now.


Full range of Outdoor IP rated access points available, from TP Link

Give your customers full Wi-Fi coverage in your outdoor dining space.

Also available Network IP Cameras for security which are easily set up and controlled via a smart device.

Find out complete TP Link Range here.

To see our full range of speakers, amplification, mixing, networking and accessories please get in touch with us now. We are very happy to talk to you over the phone or in our Showroom where we can demonstrate our products.

Feel free to browse our site and as always talk to our product specialists anytime.