Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one conferencing device

By Lambourn Digital on Fri 28 August 2020

The VB1 brings next-level audio & video clarity to the workplace

With video conferencing quickly becoming the “new norm” for meetings or keeping in touch, it’s important to make sure your equipment is up to speed! We are excited to introduce the Bose VB1 Videobar an all-in-one USB conferencing device that brings premium audio & video to meeting areas — from huddle spaces to medium-sized rooms — and allows users to be clearly seen and fully understood on video conference calls.


  • The six beam-steering microphones actively focus on voices in the room and reject noise.
  • The Bose-proprietary transducers reproduce accurate, room-filling audio from multimedia presentations, play Bluetooth® audio and ensure voices sound natural and clear.
  • The 4K ultra-HD camera with autoframing delivers crystal-clear video, so remote participants can see presenters, whiteboards and other in-room objects.
  • The single-cable USB connectivity means there’s no need for separate audio and video cables at the table, reducing clutter.
  • The Bose Videobar VB1 can be mounted to suit the space using the included table stand or wall-mount kit, or with an optional VESA mounting accessory.
  • All mounting options allow for tilt capability to keep the team centered in the video image.

BOSE VB1 Videobar


Seemlessly Integrates with popular cloud services such as ….

Google Hangouts | Microsoft Teams | Zoom & more…

Easy Set-Up with Bose Work Management App

The Videobar VB1 can be easily configured with the Bose Work Configuration Utility, available as an app or via web browser; and management of devices can be done remotely with the Bose Work Management app, which displays real-time status and allows for easy single-unit or system-wide changes. Using a smartphone or included IR remote, settings can be controlled in real time using the Bose Work mobile app to easily adjust volume, mute/unmute, pan, tilt, zoom, presets and Bluetooth pairing. Users have the additional option to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity to use the Videobar VB1 as a standalone speakerphone or to stream music. So whether it’s a quick morning check-in or a full-afternoon workshop, the Bose Videobar VB1 helps teams huddle up, see more, hear more, and work better.

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