Make Your Home Smart With TP Link’s Smart Range

By Lambourn Digital on Wed 07 October 2020

Your Home, Smarter! | TP Link

With everyone switching to smart phones & smart TV’s then why not have a smart home! Switch off the kitchen lights or turn down the heating while you relax on the sofa …. sound good? …yeah we thought so too!

So whether you’re seeking an easy life or wanting to create that perfect atmosphere for a late evening movie night at home, luxury is at the tip of your finger! With the tap of a button on your smart phone, you can control devices without leaving your sofa. You can even schedule smart bulbs to automatically turn back on once the movie is over. Even better, you can now just ask!

Alexa & Google Compatible

TP-Link smart home products can be voice controlled & come fully compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have one of the two already, your next immediate (and natural) choice have got to be TP-Link’s smart home solutions. Seamless integration of TP-Link smart home plugs and bulbs helps you take control of you electrical appliances in your home.

TP Link’s Easy To Use Kasa App

It can be a scary thought to power your home with the ever so intuitive smart home capability. But it is actually simple than perceived, as it just requires a smart phone and TP-Link’s Free Kasa app to configure & control your home appliances.

You can run your entire TP-Link smart home ecosystem from Kasa. Customise your lighting, turn connected devices on energy use, and even create schedules for your smart home, all from the free Kasa App by TP-Link.

Smart Homes For A Greater Piece Of Mind

TP Links Smart Range has an away mode where you can manage your electric appliances when away from home. Don’t spend a second of it trying to remember if you turned off the lights or worrying about anything else. Turn off smart bulbs & anything connected to your smart plugs from anywhere in the world, for greater peace of mind.

The count down timer feature, which automatically switches off the running household appliances (clothes iron and curling iron) if you have set a time limit before.

Customise At Your Fingertips


Change the colour and intensity as you wish, navigate the tuneable white light from warm to cool until you feel comfortable. Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can be controlled separately or as a group, and your favourite settings can be saved as scenes accessible in Kasa app.

TP-Link smart home products can make your day easier and more comfortable. TP-Link, making every home a smart home.