What outdoor speakers & audio products are great for Outdoor Dining?

Outdoor Speakers – Mixer Amplifiers

Outdoor dining has become part of our vernacular since living with Covid-19 has been a reality. Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues have adapted their available outdoor spaces to accommodate serving food and drinks outside.

As customers we are now drawn to spaces that can deliver a safe and comfortable area to enjoy a meal and socialise with family and friends.

At Peats we want to contribute to that enjoyment by providing the Outdoor Speakers that will help create great additional spaces for bars and restaurants to entertain their clientele.


Speakers that are IP rated to perform outside particularly in a wet climate are critical to providing the right ambience and atmosphere for the venue and its customers.
At Peats we have a great range of outdoor speakers from brands such as Yamaha, Bose, and Adastra. We also have a full selection of Portable options available from brands such as QTX, Bose, Apart featuring Bluetooth Streaming Audio capabilities.

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We have a complete range of compact mixer amplifiers with full network control on Yamaha models and plenty of input features from Bluetooth , Phono , Microphone and Tuner.

Play your favourite Spotify playlist or Airplay any of your iTunes to your outdoor dining area. Full App control also available to ensure ease of control from your smart phone.

We also have Network Pre -amps available so why not update your old/existing amplifier now.


Full range of Outdoor IP rated access points available, from TP Link

Give your customers full Wi-Fi coverage in your outdoor dining space.

Also available Network IP Cameras for security which are easily set up and  controlled via a smart device.

Find out complete TP Link Range


Wondering where to buy outdoor speakers?

Peats has a wide range of outdoor speakers, amplification, mixing, networking and accessories.

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Top 10 tips for better gaming experience

gaming challenges

Pain points of gamer at home

Whether you are a broadcaster, streamer or gamer at home, we’re all inclined towards finding facts about improving our online experience. There can be multiple issues with your gaming environment ‘set up’ that may affect your streaming, right from our internet service provider, down to a poor set up of hardware. But most problems aren’t always as obvious as the ones stated. Let’s take a look at ten most common problems that can affect live streaming, along with few tips on how to enhance the gaming experience for the gamer at home. For more details, please feel free to contact us.


Extend the reach:

So you have the router kept in the living room and your gaming hardware across the hall way. Well, a set up like this isn’t helping your gaming experience, for the network reach might weaken travelling all that distance. Consider incorporating powerline adapters in your home network to expand the reach of your Wi-Fi connection. A Powerline adapter kit is a bridge technology helping you to expand the reach of your network to spots where you needed the internet connection to improve. Slotted in the wall socket, Powerline uses electrical wiring not just to boost your Wi-Fi connection, but also to help with home network security, stability & speed, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience.


tp-link gaming solutions

Multiple people gaming from the same location:

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular and so are the number of players online at one particular time from the same location. A slow or interrupted wireless connection as we know can jeopardise your ranking in a game, as well as your reputation as a gamer. Get your hands on to the router manual and consider reconfiguring it by setting up port forwarding to it. If your gaming set up is right next to the router, a direct Ethernet cable connection with hardware is always better. However, the use of powerline adapters could still be the best option if your gaming hardware is further away from the access point (and avoid long wires hanging from the router too).


Bandwidth not evenly shared:

Most would agree that we all have asked our friends or family members whether they’re ‘downloading’ something, whilst you’re in the middle of a game. It is a common occurrence to find someone within your home downloading or streaming on a mobile device, whilst you are trying to break your previous gaming record. If needed, consider setting up a specific SSID for gaming, whilst guaranteeing a separate chunk of bandwidth for everyone else too.

Any traditional Wi-Fi router with single user MIMO serve only one user at a time. Whilst we see the number of Wi-Fi dependant devices increase in an average household, there is a growing demand for routers that can support the asked bandwidth intensity. TP-Link Archer series routers are well equipped with transferring the bandwidth simultaneously to various devices in the house and are a must for the gamer at home. Check Out the complete product details.


TP-Link Archer series routers


Download apps to check Wi-Fi sweet spots:

There are plenty Wi-Fi analyser apps available for IOS and Android devices that can help monitor internet connection and signal strength. Find out those Wi-Fi sweet spots in your home that best match your gaming hardware suitability. This is easily done with TP-Link’s Tether App, available for download for IOS & Android devices which provides an easy way to access and manage your TP-Link Router.


TP-Link Tether App

App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tplink.tether&hl=en

Of course, it goes without saying that with the right networking products from TP-Link, no one has to be a slave to the internet access point location in your house.


Check connection and downloads:

There is no denying in the fact that we are all using multiple devices such as mobile phone, tablets, cameras, computers and laptops that can eat in your bandwidth during your gaming hours. A dual band router for instance can help extent network performance by providing two independent channels (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) which can be split between the designated devices. In comparison to a standard 2.4 GHz only router where various devices and appliances in the house would get connected to, a dual band router with AC standard could be a great choice.


You’re gaming on the wrong screen! Or with a wrong router!!

No one wants to lose your online gaming competition because of low resolution on the monitor! Ensure you are churning out an optimum internet speed to help your gaming screen support the graphics. I won’t put the blame on the screen though, because it might be time you upgrade that router to a more gaming specific router. Some of the gaming routers can ensure a 25% increase in connection speed, boosting your Wi-Fi for an enhanced gaming experience.


Gaming Router


Adjust antennas on your router:

One thing that we don’t mess much with, and we should, is your router antennas. Let’s say, you’re using a router with two or four antennas in your home for instance. Rather than having all antennas facing ‘up’ i.e. vertically, have the other(s) facing sideways. After all, we can’t always be sure of the direction the ‘integrated’ antenna on your mobile devices is pointing to!


Find the right Wi-Fi channel:

Set your router to ‘automatic’ so it can detect other routers’ channel. This is important because we sometimes have the router set on a less favourable channel. Setting up the router on the right channel could probably be the best tweak you can perform to get faster internet speeds for gaming.


Get rid of interference with your router:

We might get occasional interference in the network that could practically limit or block our internet access or speed. This interference could come from a house appliances and or object(s) around the router. Work on the placement of your router and ensure that you position the access point free from all obstructions.


Scheduling a reboot of your router:

This is one of the most basic steps one could take in order to rectify dying internet speed. Schedule a periodic reboot of your router, let’s say middle of the night so it is ready when you are for the next gaming challenge. We all know that most internet speed and router issues can be sorted by just rebooting it, unless you want the help desk to tell you this.

We have a wide range of products to enhance your gaming experience. Check out our website & get in touch with us .

Level 5 Lockdown – Operating Hours Update!

Covid-19 Update – Collection & Deliveries Available from January 4th 2021

Dear Customer

Peats Wholesale Ltd are glad to advise that during this Covid 19 period we are able to despatch orders as normal from the 4th January. We also have a click and collect service available from our Westlink warehouse. Should the situation change we will of course let you know.

Most of our staff are now working from home and we will operate our warehouse with a reduced team with social distancing being strictly observed. Our trade counter area will remain closed during this current Level 5 lockdown period with click and collect only being available from our premises.

To assist we would kindly ask you to follow the steps best suited to your needs as outlined below.  

Orders for dispatch to your store / chosen address:

* Using our on line order facility available at www.peatswholesale.ie

* Emailing your order to sales@peatswholesale.ie (including any special instructions)

* Ringing 01 6264662 selecting option 1 and placing your order over the phone. If there’s no answer please leave a voice message and we will respond asap

* Contacting your relevant Account Manager detailed below. 

* Anthony Brady anthony@peatswholesale.ie / 087 2468288

* Rob Noonan rnoonan@peatswholesale.ie / 087 2468289 

* Jack Cannon jack@peatswholesale.ie / 087 7749085

Orders for collection at our Westlink warehouse (please ensure a mask is worn when making the collection):

* Orders can be placed using our on line order facility available at www.peatswholesale.ie . We would ask you to provide us with any additional information such as collection times or delivery requirements etc in the notes section.

* Emailing your order to sales@peatswholesale.ie (including any special instructions and approx. collection time)

* Ringing 01 6264662 selecting option 1 and placing over the phone if there is no answer please leave a voice message and we will respond asap

* We will advise your order collection reference and collection can be made at our No15 warehouse entrance (collection point and bell are clearly signposted). Please note no access to our premises will be possible and this is strictly a collection only service. 

Account queries as follows:

* Emailing your query to accounts@peatswholesale.ie

* Ringing 01 6264662 selecting option 2 if there is no answer please leave a voice message and we will respond asap 

Bose Professional FreeSpace Loudspeakers | New FS Series

Refined Features and New Pendant Models Offer Increased Flexibility for More Projects!

The Bose FreeSpace FS Series of Loudspeakers

The new FreeSpace FS loudspeakers deliver the same output and power handling as the original FreeSpace DS models, while providing additional features for use in wider applications. Metal backcans on the ceiling-mount models allow for use in plenum-rated ceilings. The ceiling-mount models also feature front baffle connection points and tap settings, with Euroblock audio connections.

Available in both in-ceiling and surface-mount models and with a dedicated pendant-mount model, the FreeSpace FS series is ideally designed for voice address and background music applications. All models are available in both black and white, and feature 70/100V and low-impedance operation. Models feature either a 2.25-inch or 4.5-inch, full-range transducer, providing two distinct levels of performance.

Bose FS Loudspeakers | Multiple Mounting Options

The FS Series Hanging Pendant, Ceiling & Surface Mount Loudspeakers are designed for high-quality performance in background music, voice announcement, paging, and any commercial audio application

Key Features

  1. Improved aesthetics and mechanical updates ensure easy installation in a variety of spaces, including outdoors
  2. The FreeSpace FS surface-mount loudspeakers and the FS4CE, 4-inch, ceiling-mount model are iP55 rated for outdoor installation
  3. All FreeSpace loudspeakers are UL1480 ULC-S541 Life Safety Fire Alarm and Signalling listed, providing peace of mind for those life safety projects
  4. Greater design and specification flexibility to the well-known Bose Professional FreeSpace family of loudspeakers and compliments its premium line of DesignMax loudspeakers.

Choose Bose FreeSpace Speakers For Numerous Applications

Bose FreeSpace FS speakers and sound systems are strategically designed for an extensive variety of commercial audio applications, including restaurants, retail stores, hotels, shopping centres, bars, airports, gyms and health clubs, and much more.

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Covid-19 Customer Update! We’re Remaining Open With Restrictions!

Level 5 Restrictions – Customer Update

Peats Wholesale are glad to advise that during this current Level 5 period of Covid restrictions that we will remain open for business. We will be offering a delivery to your address or click and collect service from our Westlink premises (there will be no entry into our trade counter area during this period). Our opening hours and phone lines remain unchanged and will be manned during this time so please continue to communicate with us as you normally would.

Orders for dispatch to your address please place your order using one the following options:

  • By Phone: Please ring 01 6264662 selecting option 1 and place your order
  • By Email: Please mail your order to sales@peatswholesale.ie including any special instructions along with a contact name / number
  • By Web: Please visit www.peatswholesale.ie and shop using our on line shopping system

Orders for collection at Westlink please place your order using one the following options:

When placing your order please allow 1 hour for it to be picked and prepared. We will contact you with your order collection reference so please ensure you leave us with contact details. When collecting have your collection reference with you (or give this to the person collecting on your behalf). We have a collection point at the warehouse gate of Unit 15 which is clearly signposted please ring the bell and wait for assistance.

  • By Phone: Please ring 01 6264662 selecting option 1 and place you order along with expected collection time / contact details
  • By Email: Please mail your order to sales@peatswholesale.ie including any special instructions along with expected collection time / contact details
  • By Web: Please visit www.peatswholesale.ie and use our on line shop to place your order selecting if you wish it to be despatched or collected. If being collected please enter into the special instructions the expected collection time / date and best method to contact you with the collection reference.

Procedure When Accessing Our Premises

Access to our premises including the trade counter will be restricted whilst we remain at Level 5. However for enquiries or to make payments for goods being collected you can enter the hallway of Unit 15 at which there’ll be a help desk. Please be aware the use of masks / hand sanitiser is mandatory when entering and only one customer may be in the hallway at any time should there be someone there already we would ask you to wait till they have exited. You may be asked to wait in your vehicle while your enquiry is being sorted and if asked would appreciate your assistance with this.

We thank you for your custom and assure you of our best service at all times

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tp link smart home range

Make Your Home Smart With TP Link’s Smart Range

Your Home, Smarter! | TP Link

With everyone switching to smart phones & smart TV’s then why not have a smart home! Switch off the kitchen lights or turn down the heating while you relax on the sofa …. sound good? …yeah we thought so too!

So whether you’re seeking an easy life or wanting to create that perfect atmosphere for a late evening movie night at home, luxury is at the tip of your finger! With the tap of a button on your smart phone, you can control devices without leaving your sofa. You can even schedule smart bulbs to automatically turn back on once the movie is over. Even better, you can now just ask!

Alexa & Google Compatible

TP-Link smart home products can be voice controlled & come fully compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have one of the two already, your next immediate (and natural) choice have got to be TP-Link’s smart home solutions. Seamless integration of TP-Link smart home plugs and bulbs helps you take control of you electrical appliances in your home.

TP Link’s Easy To Use Kasa App

It can be a scary thought to power your home with the ever so intuitive smart home capability. But it is actually simple than perceived, as it just requires a smart phone and TP-Link’s Free Kasa app to configure & control your home appliances.

You can run your entire TP-Link smart home ecosystem from Kasa. Customise your lighting, turn connected devices on energy use, and even create schedules for your smart home, all from the free Kasa App by TP-Link.

Smart Homes For A Greater Piece Of Mind

TP Links Smart Range has an away mode where you can manage your electric appliances when away from home. Don’t spend a second of it trying to remember if you turned off the lights or worrying about anything else. Turn off smart bulbs & anything connected to your smart plugs from anywhere in the world, for greater peace of mind.

The count down timer feature, which automatically switches off the running household appliances (clothes iron and curling iron) if you have set a time limit before.

Manage Your Household Electronic Devices From Anywhere!

Customise At Your Fingertips

Change the colour and intensity as you wish, navigate the tuneable white light from warm to cool until you feel comfortable. Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can be controlled separately or as a group, and your favourite settings can be saved as scenes accessible in Kasa app.

TP-Link smart home products can make your day easier and more comfortable. TP-Link, making every home a smart home.

Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one conferencing device

The VB1 brings next-level audio & video clarity to the workplace

With video conferencing quickly becoming the “new norm” for meetings or keeping in touch, it’s important to make sure your equipment is up to speed! We are excited to introduce the Bose VB1 Videobar an all-in-one USB conferencing device that brings premium audio & video to meeting areas — from huddle spaces to medium-sized rooms — and allows users to be clearly seen and fully understood on video conference calls.


  • The six beam-steering microphones actively focus on voices in the room and reject noise.
  • The Bose-proprietary transducers reproduce accurate, room-filling audio from multimedia presentations, play Bluetooth® audio and ensure voices sound natural and clear.
  • The 4K ultra-HD camera with autoframing delivers crystal-clear video, so remote participants can see presenters, whiteboards and other in-room objects.
  • The single-cable USB connectivity means there’s no need for separate audio and video cables at the table, reducing clutter.
  • The Bose Videobar VB1 can be mounted to suit the space using the included table stand or wall-mount kit, or with an optional VESA mounting accessory.
  • All mounting options allow for tilt capability to keep the team centered in the video image.

BOSE VB1 Videobar

Seemlessly Integrates with popular cloud services such as ….

Google Hangouts | Microsoft Teams | Zoom & more…

Easy Set-Up with Bose Work Management App

The Videobar VB1 can be easily configured with the Bose Work Configuration Utility, available as an app or via web browser; and management of devices can be done remotely with the Bose Work Management app, which displays real-time status and allows for easy single-unit or system-wide changes. Using a smartphone or included IR remote, settings can be controlled in real time using the Bose Work mobile app to easily adjust volume, mute/unmute, pan, tilt, zoom, presets and Bluetooth pairing. Users have the additional option to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity to use the Videobar VB1 as a standalone speakerphone or to stream music. So whether it’s a quick morning check-in or a full-afternoon workshop, the Bose Videobar VB1 helps teams huddle up, see more, hear more, and work better.

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Get in touch with our team of experts below…

Covid19 Customer Update

Our trade counter and warehouse are open between the hours of 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm Friday.

We are complying with government guidelines regarding business’ reopening and the health of our staff & you, our customers is critical.

We would ask the following:

*please phone or email your order at least 1 hour in advance of collection, to ensure we have your order ready & less wait time for you at our premises

*please use hand sanitisers entering and leaving the premises, which are available at all trade counter & stores areas

*maintain social distancing at all times, at least 2 metres from staff & other customers

*there will be limited number of customers allowed enter each premise at a time, we would ask for your patience & co-operation

Thank you again for your continued support.

latest news

Welcome to our new ‘Latest News’ section

Peats Wholesale, the audio visual experts since 1969 would like to welcome you to our new latest news section of our website.

This is the section to be kept up to date on all things related to the Audio Visual industry in Ireland. As distributors of the industry’s leading brands, we will have lots of great content to share with you over the coming weeks, months & years ahead!

Just some of our stocked brands include Sony, Bose, Audio Technica, Sandisk & TP Link to name a few!

We also have added some great new brands recently such as Sanus & Groov-e to our product range.

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